Labor Productivity

Planning and optimizing how and where people work has a dramatic impact on the efficiency of your production. Knowing where employees are, where they are losing time, being able to assign staff dynamically in function of the production needs: the challenges are complex. The solution is an ultra-wideband indoor positioning system that generates data about labor productivity to help you streamline your labor activities.

Advantages of a UWB RTLS
for employee efficiency

Advantages of a UWB RTLS
for employee efficiency

Assign tasks more efficiently

Find workers who are closest and quickly assign them to a post to minimize time loss

Optimize work shifts

Use data to tweak the number of people in shifts to work as efficiently as possible

Find and remove bottlenecks

Discover where productivity declines and add people to speed up production

Improve processes and workflows

Find the most effective way of working, based on real numbers

Calculate workstation efficiency

Generate data to understand where delays are

Make better HR decisions

Discover which employees need more training and where to add extra staff

Reduce management overhead

Make managers more efficient by giving them a bird's eye view in a single dashboard 

Make time registration easy

Remove the hassle and manual errors of badging and punch clocks

Measure employee efficiency

Get high-quaility data on employee efficiency and set objective KPIs for promotion

Start using the Pozyx RTLS
to improve labor efficiency today


Use the unparalleled accuracy of ultra-wideband (10-30 cm)


Track anywhere from a handful of people to hundreds of employees


Connect to your systems with easy APIs and integration options

Discover the Pozyx UWB RTLS today

Learn about the architecture, hardware, and software.

See real-time positioning in action

How MyPhoto Revolutionized Productivity

The [Pozyx] results exceeded all expectations, with productivity more than doubling through actionable visibility of workforce performance, adaptive scheduling based on real-time zone capacity, and just overall improved management of the workforce



Start improving your labor efficiency today.

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