Enterprise system

Our Enterprise products are built and designed with large, permanent and industrial deployments in mind. Our Enterprise system can position thousands of tags over a large area with 10 to 30 cm accuracy. The Enterprise hardware supports a wide range of settings that allow for finetuning and custom optimizations. Update rate, operating range, battery life and additional sensor read-outs can all be adjusted to fit the application at hand.

System architecture:

The Enterprise system utilizes a local processing server (called gateway) which connects to all Pozyx anchors over ethernet. The gateway performs the wireless synchronization between the anchors, manages the scheduling and computes the position of all the tags. All data is made available from the gateway through the MQTT interface or through our open API. The gateway also monitors the system and provides alerts when it is malfunctioning. Errors and warnings are pushed to our companion software which can be deployed in the cloud or locally on the gateway. The system supports TDOA based positioning and is designed with small tags and long battery-life in mind. The tags simply have to transmit a short packet which can contain your custom data payloads. The complexity is therefore kept at the gateway and anchor level. This has additional benefits as it keeps the total cost of ownership within bounds.

Technical specifications:

  • Accurately position tags within 10-30 cm
  • Supports variable update rates up to 75Hz and more
  • Can provide up to 1000 position updates per second (server limitations apply)
  • Performs real-time TDOA positioning
  • Supports low-power tags (TDOA) with years of battery life
  • Can handle up to 264 anchors per server
  • Up to 8 anchors can be connected in a chain with PoE+
  • Supports rapid integration with other software through MQTT
  • Is compatible with the web-based companion software for fast deployment and maintenance
  • Can be time-synchronized through NTP