Creator system

The Creator products are specifically designed for small-scale applications. Hobby projects, rapid prototypes and proof of concepts all spring to mind. Both Creator anchors and tags are highly configurable and are fully compatible with Arduino and raspberry Pi. Alternatively the hardware can also be deployed as a stand-alone solution using our web-based companion software.

System architecture:

The Creator products are tag-centric. This means that the tag itself performs the positioning by communicating with the available anchors. The anchors simply respond to the tag(s). With at least 4 anchors in range, the tag can compute its position after ranging with each anchor. An anchor can be configured as a master-tag expanding the system and providing multi-tag support, but there is a hard cap on how many anchors can be positioned reliably using this method.

Technical specifications:

  • Performs real-time 2D or 3D positioning using ultra-wideband TWR.
  • Performs wireless communication between devices.
  • Support up to 8 wireless anchors within range.
  • Support update rates up to 125Hz (single tag).
  • Collects additional data using the other sensors on the board (IMU and pressure sensor).
  • Tags and anchors are fully compatible with Arduino or Raspberry Pi.
  • Supports rapid integration with other software through MQTT available locally or in the cloud.
  • Compatible with the web-based companion software for fast deployment and maintenance.