Pozyx Analytics

Do more with x, y and z

Pozyx Analytics provides a fully featured toolbox to explore your positioning data through multiple interactive views. Take action based on location data like never before!

  • Interactive analytics
  • Flexible data filtering
  • Works without internet access
  • Export your data
  • Pozyx Enterprise exclusive

Pozyx Analytics

Basic features


Know where your tags move on an aggregate base

A powerful way to see what your tracked objects do. They can be used to analyze behavior, find hotspots, find bottlenecks, and much more…

Spaghetti charts

Figure out the flow of movements within your space

A visual representation of the trajectories of your tracked objects linked to their speed and zone presence at any given point in time.

Zone analytics

Define your zones and get insights automatically

Gain detailed insights in the time spent in each zone. Both aggregated and split out by tracked object. See how much time is spent in each zone, and find irregularities in object behavior.

And more…

Try it yourself

with the Enterprise kit

Our enterprise kit comes with a 1-year free Analytics license.

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