New Ultra-wideband Social Distancing Solutions Extend Tracking Beyond Alerts

Ghent (Belgium), May 18th, 2020. -- POZYX, pioneers in accurate positioning solutions with ultra-wideband (UWB), is working on solutions that make social distancing easier to manage for companies. Its solutions alert employees when they are too close to each other, but offer even more options when integrated with the Pozyx UWB infrastructure. It allows companies to track the history of users, create maps for smart disinfection, and even prevent crowds and bottlenecks. The combination makes the Pozyx offer unique in the market and allows companies to improve health and safety on the work floor based on precision and flexibility.

Pozyx started hardware and software development using ultra-wideband technology (UWB) in 2015 as a spin-off from Ghent University. Since then, UWB has seen rapid adoption as a highly accurate and cost-effective real-time locating system (RTLS) for industrial customers. Pozyx products allow customers to track people and things with decimeter accuracy to make business processes faster, easier, and more efficient. The team at Pozyx has grown to 25 people who have been at the forefront of making UWB technology easy to use with innovative products that push the envelope. With over 4,000 customers in 80 countries, the Ghent-based startup’s solutions are used by some of the largest and innovative customers in the world (Airbus, Arcelor Mittal, Honda, MIT) to make manufacturing and warehousing even smarter.

To support social distancing, Pozyx decided to leverage its hardware, software, and analytics expertise to develop additional wearable solutions. A stand-alone version notifies users when they are too close to each other with a sound alert or a light. A version that integrates with the Pozyx UWB infrastructure offers an advanced system that tracks a user's history and provides fine-grained analytics. It allows companies to see a heatmap of employee activity and their specific contact record. Both solutions are specifically designed to get companies safely up and running in no time.

"Our advanced solution is all about smart monitoring and prevention, which saves a company time and money by getting the right insights," says Samuel Van de Velde, Pozyx Founder & CEO. For example, heatmaps allow a birds-eye view of busy areas and allow you to disinfect only spaces where employees have been active. It also allows you to spot bottlenecks where too many people may be too close together. "What's more, our solutions are designed as part of a system, which means they are sustainable in the long-term. As social distancing rules relax, Pozyx solutions can still be used in a variety of applications to accurately position people and things", adds Van de Velde.

Pozyx is currently running multiple pilots with a first prototype version. Pozyx has received several thousands of preorders and is expecting to ship the final product near the end of the summer.

Pozyx is committed to making a difference in the collective effort against the coronavirus by putting its UWB expertise at the forefront. Its solutions are fully certified, have a proven track record and are implemented by local and global companies. Medium enterprises and multinationals in 80 countries already rely on Pozyx technology today. Yves Ghys, CCO adds: “The coronavirus impacts companies worldwide, it enforces both managers and employees to work, act and think differently. Our solutions allow companies to implement a social distancing strategy, based on existing robust and sustainable hardware, enriched with specifically designed wearables and combined with analytical insights. We advise our customers to look at this investment as a first step in a sustainable long term Pozyx positioning strategy.”

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