January Enterprise release

What's new

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It’s the beginning of the new year and to celebrate this we are unveiling the whole new 2020.1 release of the Pozyx Enterprise software. We’re highlighting some of them in this article.

Analytics and data-retention

A major addition to this release is the analytics pack. This update allows storage of positioning data on the local gateway and offers a full range of location-based analytics. These analytics include heatmaps, spaghetti charts, time-budgets and much more. Through the zone-editor it is possible to configure zones on your floorplan which can be used for the analytics. More information can be found on the Analytics product page.

Fig. Screenshot of the trajectory viewer.


We have extended and opened up the local HTTP API for customers in order to easily communicate with the Enterprise system in addition to the MQTT stream of positioning data. Through the API, it is possible to obtain detailed information about the anchors, tags and the system in general. Together with the software release we also released the documentation on the API.

Improved health diagnostics

In order to improve the diagnostic capabilities of our system we have added more detailed gateway diagnostic information, as well as an alert center that collects all real-time alerts coming from various sub-parts of the system such as the positioner, synchronizer or the anchors as well. This makes it easier to detect any issues.

Fig. Screenshot of the gateway monitoring page showing system health.

Auto-calibration update

We have updated the automatic anchor calibration algorithm that automatically estimates the relative anchor coordinates of your setup, circumventing the need for manually surveying all anchors. The impact of the update is primarily be seen for larger setups with 20+ anchors. Here, the calibration will go significantly faster and provide more robust results.