AiRT Horizon 2020

tracking drones in the creative industries

Pozyx is excited to announce the official start of the European AIRT project for tracking drones in the creative industries. Within the scope of this project, Pozyx will optimize and miniaturize its system for the use of drones in an indoor environment. The goal is to provide accurate and robust high-rate positioning information for the drone in the most challenging indoor environments, such that the drone can safely and autonomously navigate an indoor filming set.

action scene filmed with drone

The project is funded by the European commission under the Horizon 2020 program and is a cooperation between the  polytechnical university of Valencia (ES)Clearhead media (UK)Aerotools UAV (ES)  and Pozyx. More information about the AIRT project can be found on the official Facebook AIRT project page.

AiRT drone prototype
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