Q1 Enterprise Release

What's New

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We’re kicking 2021 off with a software update that makes it easy for companies to enforce social distancing, with support for the Pozyx Health & Safety solution. It comes with a dedicated “Infection Insights” application that is available on demand. Customers with multiple Gateways will also enjoy increased performance with the Q1 update. What’s more, the new release takes robustness for large setups even further with a significant update. Finally, the accuracy for environments with multiple floors has been refined for even better performance.

Reliable Social Distancing with Infection Insights 

The new Enterprise Release support the Infection Insights app* that works with the Pozyx Health & Safety Tag to make social distancing easy, reliable, and safe. The dedicated Pozyx Tags use state-of-the-art UWB performance to guarantee accurate social distancing. Combined with the Infection Insights app, customers see who’s been in touch with whom, which employees are potentially at risk, and more. It gives you the tools to respond quickly and take preventive measure to ensure safety on the work floor.

(* Application available upon demand. Please contact Pozyx for more info.)


Full Release Notes

  • Support for the Pozyx Health and Safety solution
  • Pozyx Infection Insights application available (by request)
  • Background firmware updates are now possible through the Pozyx cloud
  • Positioning merger between multiple gateways, picking the best position in case of overlap.
Fixes and improvements
  • Action log now survives system upgrades
  • Greatly improved robustness of large setups
  • Multifloor positioning accuracy refined
  • Various usability bug fixes and stability improvements
  • The Pozyx gateway now only sends positions to cloud when the web app or mqtt streams are open