Tackling covid-19 with indoor positioning

Smart disinfecting and quarantining

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In just a few months, the world has completely transformed in fear of a global pandemic outbreak. The Corona virus is a virus unlike we have seen in our lifetime, spreading with great speed and without boundaries. Worldwide, several countries have adopted social distancing as the main strategy of limiting the spread of the virus. In several countries, we have seen this as an effective, yet dramatic approach with shops closing and factories coming to a halt. The question is now, what is next? Can we go back to the way things were or have things changed forever?

At Pozyx, we believe that companies should be able to continue their business, but for the sake of preventing new outbreaks measures must be taken. Today, the general modus operandi is that if a worker is diagnosed with the virus, the entire shop is closed and all colleagues either tested or placed in quarantine. This approach is completely impracticable and requires a huge amount of resources and administration to achieve.

Indoor positioning for tracking workers

This is where an accurate indoor positioning system can assist, for example by tracking people within a warehouse or manufacturing plant. In case a tracked worker would show symptoms of the virus, a business can easily list the areas in which this person was active in the past days. Based on this information, only the target areas have to be disinfected and can be reopened quickly. 

From the same tracking records, a list of colleagues can be identified which were withing close proximity in the past week and would be at risk of infection. These people could be subjected to a test to see if they are safe.

A lot of these features are already available today with the Pozyx Enterprise system. For more information, check out our safety and health page with more details. Feel free to contact us for questions on how we can help your business get started again.