July Enterprise Release

What's New

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Our third software release of 2020 brings improvements and new features to make it easier to work with your Pozyx system. From easy Anchor updates to better network topology views. Plus, our brand-new knowledge center makes it simple to find the information you need.

Easy Anchor Updates 

The web app now notifies you automatically of new firmware updates for your Pozyx Anchors. Simply go to the Devices > Anchors to update your Anchors. If you are running the cloud application, you can select from the latest signed Pozyx versions. For local installations, you can upload firmware files.

Wearable Tag Battery Life Insights

2020.3 also brings battery life estimation for Pozyx Wearable Tags. You’ll now be able to keep an eye on the battery life of your Pozyx Tags right in the web application.

A Clearer Overview of Your Network

The 2020.3 release brings an improved topology view. The feature now supports a wider range in managed network devices including VLAN switches that are now supported instead of displaying an error message. The result is a better overview of your system. Requires Anchor firmware version 1.1+.

More API Options

The new software release introduces additional API options. You can now create, delete, modify, and get Zone information. Additionally, you can now modify Anchor coordinates and define whether they are used in the system. Working with floor plans is more convenient, too. You can now get or fetch the floor plan image files and get and edit the floor plan settings with our API. All of our API details are available on the Knowledge Center.

Better Virtual Tags

We have updated the Virtual Tags features which allows you to combine multiple tags to provide a single position and heading estimate. The feature is now even more accurate and reliable. The update also provides support for TDOA & TWR.

Brand-new Knowledge Center

Looking for information about your system? Our new knowledge center has you covered. Visit docs.pozyx.io to find everything you need to install, use, and finetune your Pozyx solution. All in a central location and always up to date.