Inventory Control

Losing track of a pallet, carrier, machine or product means losing time. And money. Getting a stronger grip on your inventory is a reliable way to improve your operational efficiency. From eliminating time looking for assets over reducing man-hours spent on costly physical inventory counts to keeping downtime to a minimum. An accurate, UWB-powered, real-time locating system (RTLS) gives you better control over your inventory.

Advantages of a UWB RTLS
for inventory management

Know exactly where assets are

Stop wasting man-hours looking around for pallets, machines or products

See the status of your inventory items at all times

Understand where an asset is, from reception of goods to QA

Get a clear view of your stock

See exactly (up to 10 cm) how many assets you have at any time and where they are

Reduce physical inventory counts

Eliminate expensive stock counts and cut down on expensive downtime

Slash lost inventory costs

Better manage deadstock, overstock, and safety stock to improve your cash flow

Improve inventory planning

Make better inventory planning decisions with real data

Start using the Pozyx RTLS
to upgrade your inventory control today


Use the unparalleled accuracy of ultra-wideband (10-30 cm)


Track anywhere from a handful of assets to hundreds or more


Connect to your systems with easy APIs and integration options

Discover the Pozyx UWB RTLS today

Learn about the architecture, hardware, and software.

See real-time positioning in action

Bonduelle Warehouse Pallets with Man Operating Forklift

How Bonduelle Improved Warehouse Efficiency by 3%

A Pozyx ultra-wideband real-time locating system brought accuracy front and center, reducing the number of misplaced assets. The result is a 3% increase in efficiency, saving the company hundreds of hours per warehouse, per year.

Start improving your inventory management today.

Discover everything you need to start with accurate and real-time indoor positioning. With the Pozyx Enterprise System. Combine state-of-the-art hardware and easy to use software and be up and running with your own RTLS in no time.