Solutions for

sports, entertainment & events

RTLS are rapidly finding their way to the world of sports, entertainment and events. The ability to track athletes in real-time with ultra-wideband has already proven to be a game changer for professional teams and has changed how these teams prepare and train. Real-time positioning data has also impacted the world of entertainment with applications in live-action shows, theater and movie productions. "Knowing where things are" lets operators automate many of the manual tasks that happen backstage. Be it sports or entertainment, the needs are similar:


  • High Update Rate
  • High Precision
  • Battery Life

Easy to Use

  • Daisy-chain Infrastructure
  • Pre-filtering Options
  • Bulk Recharging


  • Pub-sub Protocols (MQTT, OMX, ...)
  • Visualization in Unity

BMX Extreme Sports

3D @ 75Hz

In Freestyle BMX, performance is key. BMX riders are always pushing the envelope. With the Olympic Games of 2020 around the corner, riders are looking at UWB RTLS to improve their runs. Data that is captured while riding is visualized and analyzed with tools common in BI and video game development. Errors in the positioning system used, create problems. Dropped frames, synchronization issues and inaccuracies lead to an overall bad end-user experience.

At Pozyx we have invested a lot to keep the data as clean and versatile as possible. We provide time-stamped XYZ data at update rates of up to 75 Hz and even expose 'raw' accelerometer readings. This 'raw' data can then be fed into complex algorithms (custom Kalman filters, particle models, etc...) and visualized in Unity or other 3D software.