The developer tags used in both the Creator and Enterprise systems come delivered with a 1200 mAh powerbank.

In Creator mode, developer tags use 180 mAh. In Enterprise mode they use between 0.1 and 10 mAh.

Creator kit tags and anchors both use about 180 mA at max update rate, regardless of voltage. You can connect a battery of 3.3 to 9 V to the DC jack, 5 V pin or micro USB port to power your Pozyx device (tag or anchor – but anchors do not have a 5 V pin).

Alternatively, you can also connect a 3.3 V battery to the VDD pin. Do NOT power Pozyx products directly on the VDD pin with over 3.3 V as this pin as well as the 3.3 V pin bypass the voltage regulator and your device will break if a voltage over 3.3 V is supplied here. When the tag is connected to an Arduino Uno board as a shield you can power the Uno board with a 5 to 12 V battery.

Enterprise anchors are powered with PoE+ and cannot be battery powered. Custom tags for Enterprise setups can last years on single charges and are built for power efficiency. Contact the sales team for more info.

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