The tags included in all our kits are our developer headered and headerless tags and are bankcard sized. These tags come delivered with an external 1200 mAh battery and are ideal for prototyping as they can also be powered by any power source between 3.3 V and 9 V via DC, USB or pins. Developer tags can (optionally) be shielded to an Arduino or interfaced with via USB to read out positions locally or create custom UWB packages (on bi-directional UWB protocols).

In Enterprise setups, our tag configuration software allows you to set the update rate for each individual tag and create sleep patterns based on accelerometer data. Depending on these settings, Pozyx tags in TDOA mode can last from weeks to years on a single charge. When you want to expand with smaller or custom tags, contact our sales team with your specific tag, battery and casing needs and together we will configure the mini-tag suited for your case.